For your protection

I was overwhelmed and grateful for the tremendous response to my last post on Facebook announcing my new site refresh. Thanks to everyone who “liked” me, and hopefully a few took a look at the site. Facebook was also really pleased with your collective response, and wanted me to know about it. I was told that my post was performing (with your help) better than 95% of my other posts, and yes, that’s including the one I did about my meatball sub. And for a measly $6.00, Facebook said, they would send my post to hundreds of other folks, in my case people with an interest in figurative art, gesture drawing, and visual art. “Why not?”, I thought, “I spend more than six dollars for an ounce of locally-sourced artisanal smoked sea salt, of course I’ll pay that to potentially drive hundreds of figure art lovers to my site!” So I punched in my credit card number and waited for the wave of popularity to wash over me.

But then I got this message instead:


Facebook Warning


Let me just say I get it. There are lots of people who feel about artistic nudity the way I feel about Duck Dynasty, (they are aware it exists, but really don’t want to have to see it). I will resist going into a rant about Facebook’s puritanical mandate to protect you from images of nursing mothers, three year olds peeing, or the “subjective” name of an Irish town, and simply continue to avoiding posting any examples of my work that features “excessively visible skin.”

I would also like to acknowledge than this June will mark the 512th anniversary of the installation of Michelangelo’s “David” near the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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