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I’ve been pondering the notion of the “negative reaction” Facebook strives to avoid by shielding us from non-sexual nudity, breastfeeding, and figurative works of art completed after 1980:   If I draw a model that happens to be nude, and then post that drawing on Facebook, anyone who is offended by nudity will be uncomfortable […]

For your protection

I was overwhelmed and grateful for the tremendous response to my last post on Facebook announcing my new site refresh. Thanks to everyone who “liked” me, and hopefully a few took a look at the site. Facebook was also really pleased with your collective response, and wanted me to know about it. I was told […]

New Site!

Hello, and welcome to my new site! Phase two of my art career has begun with a body of work finally collected, and the teaching work rolling in, so I thought it was time for a site refresh. I know about as much about creating a website as a Cocker Spaniel knows about Spanish tax […]